Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale Versatile advertising and marketing services

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Advertising agency, marketing
Location Greater Helsinki
Person count Full-time 5 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 000 000 EUR
Asking price 200 000 EUR
The business’ surplus assets can be reduced by e.g. purchasing the business’ shares, which would leave the buyer with a smaller acquisition price

A stable and profitable business, which possesses a wide product and service selection for businesses: advertising decals, workwear, textile and digital printing etc.  

Asking price justification

The revenue potential and the business’ substance value.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A long-serving hair salon in the center of Helsinki

asking price 25 000 EUR

A hair salon at a good location in the center of Helsinki with suitable business premises, a customer register, etc. Several salon chairs for rent. Excellent opportunities to maintain and expand business operations.
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Business operations of a national producer of interpretation and translation services

asking price 650 000 EUR

The business produces interpretation and translation services on a national level. Interpretation services are offered in almost all migrant languages the authorities need. All necessary interpretation and translation services are produced cost-efficiently and quickly. The business’ interpreters and translators are the best in the industry, and the quality of the work and fast deliveries secure customer satisfaction and new orders. The business competitive advantages are reputation, prominence, speed and quality.
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A tinsmith business, which has operated in Greater Helsinki for decades

asking price 195 000 EUR

The business renews and repairs of roof plates and steel structures in Greater Helsinki.
The business is one the longest-serving in the industry and one of the best-known among its customers.
The customer base is broad and predominantly consists of real estate companies and construction companies.
The business’ success on the market is based on the broad and stable customer base and the good reputation, which its long and successful history and its high-quality operation have resulted in.

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Successful business in the building management industry

asking price 360 000 EUR

The business offers building management (on call duty, maintenance, cleaning, winter services) and related services.
The customers are satisfied and the number of customers has grown due to recommendations.
The customer base is versatile, which means the business isn’t dependent upon single large customers.
The business’ competitive strengths are quality, the personnel, technical knowledge and cost-efficiency.
The business is built on solid foundations and a new owner could make it grow significantly by investing in sales and marketing.

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