Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale A bakery in Central Finland

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business operations, business assets
Industry Bakeries
Location Central Finland
Person count Full-time 4 persons
Adjusted revenue 600 000 EUR
Asking price 4 000 EUR
As a stock sale
The business has its own 600 square bakery in Central Finland. Its customer are the K and S groups and smaller enterprises. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a business at a low price.

Asking price justification

The operating margin of the business is around 30.000 euros. The business owns the bakery property with a value of 225.000 euros in its certificate of value. The business has loans which make the asking price in a stock sale 4.000 euros. An asset sale is also possible.

Target's brokers in Suomen Yrityskaupat

Jan von Bonsdorff, KTM
Business Broker

Phone 010 2864 016
Gsm 040 7423 572

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A one-person engineering workshop in Mustasaari

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The engineering workshop specializes in manufacturing tools and tailor-made components, e.g. automatization.

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A very successful processor of metal industry products

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For sale: a business with a long history offering metal and steel product processing services in southern Finland.

The business specializes in different types of processing predominantly for metal and steel industry and offers services for several different needs with short delivery times. The business’ operation is based on a skilled and motivated personnel and solid expertise in its field. The business is able to assist its customers technically and to effectively deliver both smaller and larger batches.

It has several regular customers and overall an extensive customer base, which ensures the continuity of the operation. The business’ area of activity is the whole of Finland, but the majority of its customers are from Southern and Western Finland and Tavastia.

The reason for the sale is the owner retiring, but they are still prepared to support the new owner when necessary, even for a longer period, in order to ensure a successful acquisition.

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A manufacturer and wholesaler of pet products

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The business manufactures pet products. The revenue of the current financial year is around 6.5 million euros and the operating margin around 1.1 million euros. The business is growing and can grow further without investments. Part of the products are exported. An excellent opportunity for a buyer looking for new customer contacts. The contribution of the owner is minor, which means the business is easy to take over.
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An equipment and system vendor in the air protection industry with excellent know-how and good products

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The business designs, manufactures and delivers equipment and systems designed for needs identified by the customers. In addition, the business offers maintenance and spare parts services and mechanization and assembly services for a selection of customers.
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