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For sale A one-person engineering workshop in Mustasaari

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Engineering works
Location Ostrobothnia
Person count Full-time 1 persons
Adjusted revenue 23 000 EUR
Asking price 36 500 EUR
+ stock
The engineering workshop specializes in manufacturing tools and tailor-made components, e.g. automatization.

Asking price justification

Fair value of machines and tools.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A profitable business with great experience, which offers comprehensive graphic design services and focuses on printing products

asking price 500 000 EUR The asking price in a stock sale is 420.000 euros

The business utilizes its decades of experience to solve all advertising issues and meet all advertising needs.
The business manufactures the products itself, and logistics delivers the products to all Nordic countries.
Its subcontractor and partnership network covers all Nordic countries.
The customers range from one-person businesses to multinational businesses.

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A business which offers turnkey high-quality glazing solutions

asking price 55 000 EUR Stock sale or asset sale

For sale: A business located in Finland Proper, which offer turnkey glazing solutions to both private and business customers in Western Finland. The main emphasis of the business is on selling product solutions to customers and of course carrying out these solutions. The products are ordered from high-quality clients and suppliers in Finland, and the project planning and installations are carried out by the business itself as agreed. 
The business has successfully served several customers maintaining a high quality and customer satisfaction is top class. Due to limited installation capacity the business has not really invested in sales or marketing in a while, as there has been too much available work anyway.
The entrepreneur will stay to help the new owner for an agreed time period if necessary. The business is being sold due to health-related reasons. 
This is a business for an active entrepreneur who wants a lot of work for a long time. There is an excellent opportunity to expand the business substantially for an owner looking to expand. The business is also excellently suited to complement an existing business.

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A competitive machine and appliance manufacturer with a long and successful history

asking price 695 000 EUR The price of business operations excluding the property

The business enjoys an established position on the market as manufacturer of customer-oriented and tailor-made machines and appliances. The business designs, manufactures, installs and maintains machines and appliances.
It employs a skilled team, which completes projects for both domestic and foreign customers.

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A very productive and competitive mechanization workshop

asking price 1 000 000 EUR

The business offers predominantly the technology industry subcontractor services by producing mechanization of technically demanding parts, precise waterjet cutting and assembly. The business possesses material know-how ranging from plastics to metals.
The business has up-to-date production facilities and modern production machines and equipment. Its personnel is professionally skilled and committed to the business.
The business is known as a reliable business with high-quality service.

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