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For sale A specialist in the sheet industry

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Engineering works
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 10 persons
Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 950 000 EUR
Asking price 448 000 EUR
Adjusted substance value

Have you considered acquiring your own well-managed sheet production or do you need more capacity in your current business? A specialist in the sheet industry is available, including it production machines and equipment as well as its skilled, professional and motivated personnel from production employees to design and management.
The business manufactures its own products for the electrical and construction industries, and these products and their rights are included in the asset sale.
The business is a long-serving workshop, which has earned the trust and appreciation of customers in the metal industry and offers its customers contracting services (especially sheet and assembly work). During the last two years the business has earned trust in maritime industry projects as well. In addition to products, these projects have included product design as well.
The business is especially skilled in producing design services for the customers’ needs and being efficient in its deliveries of both small and large batches with tight schedules.
The business has also invested in implementing lean principles and processes in its own operation. Good financial monitoring, reporting and production cycle is well-documented and constantly monitored. This makes constant development possible as well as a successful pricing process, scheduling and a high usage rate of the capacity.
The business is in a good location in Satakunta, from which it can serve its larger customers in Satakunta, Finland Proper, Tavastia and Southern Finland. The business’ customership consists of different metal industry businesses who utilize sheets, furniture manufacturers and the construction, electrical and ship industries. Several of the business’ own products are sold to customers all around Finland.
The current premises are excellent for the current operation, but make it possible to easily multiply the capacity. The production capacity can be somewhat increased with the current number of employees, but for possible further growth more personnel is needed.
The owners are prepared to help a new owner get started if necessary. The independent and motivated employees will also facilitate a smooth change of ownership.
This is a great remedy for possible negative business effects caused by the corona epidemy! Acquire a production chain for sheet products straight away.

Asking price justification

The price consists of the following: - production machines and equipment 285.000 euros - lorry 15.000 euros - stock and projects in progress 101.000 euros - goodwill 47.000 euros TOTAL 448.000 euros

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

An Estonia-based manufacturer of cushioned furniture with a good reputation

asking price 223 000 EUR + the property 500 000 euros

The business chiefly produces cushioned furniture. The product selection includes different couches, convertible couches, armchairs and footstools.
The largest customers are chain stores in both Estonia and Finland.
The business revenue in 2019 was 1.1 million euros. The share of exportation in the revenue is 85% and sales in Estonia 15%. The share of sales to Finland is 97% of all exports.
Revenue could be increased by 30% annually at the current production facility with the current production equipment.
The current equipment is in good shape, but there are always investment needs.

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A family business which specializes in manufacturing sewing products as a subcontractor

asking price 180 000 EUR

The business offers its customers manufacturing services for textile products (women’s and children’s fashion, pillows, face masks), from manufacturing a sample product to shipping the end product to the customer. The business has no registered trademark. 
The business has found its position on the market by offering medium-sized customers quality, speed, precision, flexibility, production in Europe and the ability to order medium/small amounts which other large business or small studios can’t. 
The customer base isn’t large, but established and it makes it possible for the business to plan its production process in accordance with the customers’ needs. The share of exportation in the business’ sales revenue is 56% and the share of sales to Estonia is 44%.
The business is ideal for someone who want to become an entrepreneur and be an employer or for a larger investor/business looking to expand their business.

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An engineering workshop in Ostrobothnia, a profitable start up business

asking price 120 000 EUR As an asset sale 202.000 euros

The cornerstones of our machining is a flexible service and excellent results:
- Serial machining
- Small series
- Individual objects
We deliver assemblies which include standard and plate parts:
- Mechanic assembly
- Welded assembly
- Electro-mechanic assembly
We can arrange very large assemblies due to our extensive subcontractor network.

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A business which offers turnkey high-quality glazing solutions

asking price 75 000 EUR Stock sale or asset sale

For sale: A business located in Finland Proper, which offer turnkey glazing solutions to both private and business customers in Western Finland. The main emphasis of the business is on selling product solutions to customers and of course carrying out these solutions. The products are ordered from high-quality clients and suppliers in Finland, and the project planning and installations are carried out by the business itself as agreed. 
The business has successfully served several customers maintaining a high quality and customer satisfaction is top class. Due to limited installation capacity the business has not really invested in sales or marketing in a while, as there has been too much available work anyway.
The entrepreneur will stay to help the new owner for an agreed time period if necessary. The business is being sold due to health-related reasons. 
This is a business for an active entrepreneur who wants a lot of work for a long time. There is an excellent opportunity to expand the business substantially for an owner looking to expand. The business is also excellently suited to complement an existing business.

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