Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale An international developer, manufacturer and marketer of health products, with a stabilized position!

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Food industry
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 6 persons
Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 200 000 EUR
Asking price 1 200 000 EUR
1.200.000 euros in a stock sale, 1.600.000 euros in an asset sale

An internationally oriented health and foodstuff product specialist, which develops, markets, manufactures and sells health promoting foodstuff products and food supplements to consumers.
The business has suitable products for the international market ready. Finland and the growing U.S. market are the current main market areas. The UK, Germany and Scandinavia are potential market areas in Europe. International growth is also possible on an even larger scale. The business’ products and brands are patent and trademark protected.
The business is responsible through its organic production and its production processes, which utilize all raw materials efficiently. The business also possesses an ISO 22000 certificate authorized by BV (Bureau Veritas) for its food safety management systems.
The business is ready for international growth under the leadership of a new owner. The products and facilities are ready for this next stage. The current principal owner is retiring, but is ready to help a new owner get started in the business.

Asking price justification

The calculated payback period of an asset sale is around five years. The business has its own products suitable for international sales, which are patent and trademark protected.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

An engineering workshop in Ostrobothnia, a profitable start up business

asking price 120 000 EUR As an asset sale 202.000 euros

The cornerstones of our machining is a flexible service and excellent results:
- Serial machining
- Small series
- Individual objects
We deliver assemblies which include standard and plate parts:
- Mechanic assembly
- Welded assembly
- Electro-mechanic assembly
We can arrange very large assemblies due to our extensive subcontractor network.

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A business which offers turnkey high-quality glazing solutions

asking price 75 000 EUR Stock sale or asset sale

For sale: A business located in Finland Proper, which offer turnkey glazing solutions to both private and business customers in Western Finland. The main emphasis of the business is on selling product solutions to customers and of course carrying out these solutions. The products are ordered from high-quality clients and suppliers in Finland, and the project planning and installations are carried out by the business itself as agreed. 
The business has successfully served several customers maintaining a high quality and customer satisfaction is top class. Due to limited installation capacity the business has not really invested in sales or marketing in a while, as there has been too much available work anyway.
The entrepreneur will stay to help the new owner for an agreed time period if necessary. The business is being sold due to health-related reasons. 
This is a business for an active entrepreneur who wants a lot of work for a long time. There is an excellent opportunity to expand the business substantially for an owner looking to expand. The business is also excellently suited to complement an existing business.

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The profitable engineering workshop Koillis-Sorvaus Oy in Kemijärvi, in the southeast of Lapland

asking price Based on offers

The business manufactures and repairs different metal products in accordance with the customer’s designs, modifies steel plates by cutting, edging and blunting plates with a roller to up to 16 mm and machines metal by turning, milling, drilling and honing. In addition, the business manufactures e.g. unique and popular TULA products, which facilitate lifting and moving snowmobiles.

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A business based in Northern Finland, which is the regional leader specialized in copings, HVAC and industry insulation, air conditioning and scaffold installations and asbestos removal

asking price Based on offers

The business specializes in copings, HVAC and industry insulation, air conditioning and scaffold installations and asbestos removal for the needs of homes, the public sector and the industry. Many substantial construction investments are planned in the business’ market area, and the business’ know-how and vast experience of the conditions in the north are needed.  
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