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For sale Assets and property of a furniture industry business for sale

Business information

Sale topic For sale business assets, equipment, storage, real estate
Industry Furniture industry
Location South Ostrobothnia
Person count Full-time 1 persons
Adjusted revenue 107 039 EUR
Asking price 100 000 EUR
(the property 650 000 euros, the stock and machines 250 000 euros)
The business has manufactured solid wood furniture for public spaces and homes for over 30 years. The operation has slowed down due to the owner’s health and aging. The tough competition in the furniture industry has also affected the business.

The asset sale includes a paint shop, machines for furniture manufacture, forklifts and a delivery van. A list of machines is available after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

The property built of concrete is also for sale.  It can be sold together with the aforementioned assets or separately.

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on the entrepreneurs own valuation of the property, machines and stock. The selling price is 900 000 euros in total, of which the property is 650 000 euros, the stock (complete products, incomplete products and raw materials) 100 000 euros and machines 150 000 euros.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

An engineering workshop in Ostrobothnia, a profitable start up business

asking price 120 000 EUR As an asset sale 202.000 euros

The cornerstones of our machining is a flexible service and excellent results:
- Serial machining
- Small series
- Individual objects
We deliver assemblies which include standard and plate parts:
- Mechanic assembly
- Welded assembly
- Electro-mechanic assembly
We can arrange very large assemblies due to our extensive subcontractor network.

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A profitable engineering workshop in an industrial city

asking price 1 000 000 EUR

A long-serving engineering workshop with a good reputation. Large industry businesses next door ensure a good amount of orders. The machinery is in good shape. The rented business premises are excellent. It is possible to acquire the premises as well. The number of personnel is suitable and there are no unnecessary expenses.
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A very profitable business in the industry’s investment products’ import, manufacture, installation and maintenance industry

asking price 1 450 000 EUR An asset sale is possible at 1.250.000 euros

The business has imported, manufactured and further refined the industry’s investment products for decades as well as installing, repairing and servicing them.
The business has its own production, and in addition it imports products. Its customer base is broad and includes an extensive selection of different industry fields. All business normally includes tailored products and service packages for the individual customers.
The competition in the industry is tough, but the business has been able to establish its position among its core customers and its image is excellent.

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A competitive machine and appliance manufacturer with a long and successful history

asking price 695 000 EUR The price of business operations excluding the property

The business enjoys an established position on the market as manufacturer of customer-oriented and tailor-made machines and appliances. The business designs, manufactures, installs and maintains machines and appliances.
It employs a skilled team, which completes projects for both domestic and foreign customers.

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