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For sale Business which produces 24/7 residential care including treatment of persons with memory disorders

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, real estate
Industry Health care, social services
Location Southern Finland
Person count Full-time 27 persons
Adjusted revenue 2 000 000 EUR
Asking price 700 000 EUR
Before an external stock sale, in our model the business has sold its properties to a property investor for 2.800.000 euros, signed a lease with the property’s new owner (taken into account in the valuation) and acquired its own shares for 850.000 euros

The business offers homelike and safe living after a person isn’t able to live at home anymore. The elderly are offered 24/7 residential care, also for persons with memory disorders in a smaller independent unit.
Nurses, practical nurses, care assistants and a regularly visiting doctor provide comprehensive care for the residents. In addition, the residents are offer a versatile selection of other services and the food is prepared by the business own kitchen personnel.
The buildings are in excellent shape, renovations for over 3.000.000 euros have been made over the years, and they form a highly functional residential care unit. The Regional State Administrative Agencies (Aluehallintavirasto) has approved the facility’s fitness for use.
The business is run in calm environment surrounded by beautiful nature. The surrounding outdoor areas offer residents opportunities to e.g. walk independently, with assistance or with a wheelchair.

Asking price justification

Demand for the business’ services is increasing. The buildings have been comprehensively renovated. All functions needed to produce the services are “under the same roof”. The organization meets all stipulations. Partnerships. A resident-oriented service in a beautiful area with opportunities for outdoor activities. Buyer-specific business plans have not been taken into account. It is assumed that the levels described above will be reached with a normal work effort and no significant operational changes, provided that the successor is a professional in the business. More specific calculations and arguments for the valuation are available as separate documents after signing an NDA.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

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The business’ rented premises are located centrally close to natural customers flows and are comfortable, functional and offer opportunities for the business to grow.
The business customers include insurance and leasing companies. The large share of female customers among the private customers is noticeable.
The business’ competitive advantages are location, service, competitive prices, cost structure, the significantly increased demand for the products and services and the premises, which offer growth opportunities.

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