Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale Exceptionally productive business in the house technology industry, which specializes in heating, cooling and other related services and products

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry HVAC installation, maintenance, design
Location Turku economic area
Person count Full-time 1 persons
Adjusted revenue 485 000 EUR
Asking price 195 000 EUR

The business has contracts with wholesale businesses in the industry and retail contracts with several other businesses in the industry.
The entrepreneur works alone and takes care of sales, installations and repairs. The business’ market position is very strong and it is successful in the industry even in national comparison.
An exceptionally productive business in the house technology industry, which specializes in heating, cooling and other related services and products.

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on stabilized cash flow and estimated solvency calculated from the cash flow.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A long-serving and profitable accounting firm which has an established customer base and a revenue of around 300.000 euros

asking price 149 500 EUR The asking price is 155.000 euros in an asset sale

The business has its own established customer base, around 350 customers, to whom it produces all necessary accounting services.
The business employs a total of five persons, two of which are owners.
The business has a long history and its image on its core market is good at the very least. It is known as a skilled, reliable and service oriented accounting firm.

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A Finland proper -based business (including machines and equipment), which specializes in painting and sodablasting (also sandblasting and glassblowing)

asking price 85 000 EUR The value of the machines and equipment is 40 000 euros

A business specialized in painting, sodablasting, sandblasting and glassblowing, which is run part-time in addition to other work. All shares of the limited liability company are for sale. The business has good and functional machines and equipment for its operation, which could easily be expanded to being full-time and year-round. The business does not require a permanent facility, as the work can be performed on location with movable equipment. Very suitable for two entrepreneurs, but possible for one person as well. It is also possible to add the business to an existing one in the industry for added volume.
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Growing business in Finland Proper, which offers damage control services

asking price 282 000 EUR Asset sale 265.000 euros / Stock sale 325.000 euros

For sale: a renovation and building company specialized in damage control services, which predominantly works in two larger areas in Finland Proper. The business has a reputation of being reliable and business is stable due to long-lasting relationships with regular customers.
Over half of the revenue is generated from orders by insurance companies and the rest mostly directly from property management businesses.
Current demand makes it possible to expand the business with the current service selection. It is also possible to expand the service selection to better cover the needs of the customers. The business has an excellent, competent personnel.
As an industry damage control services are more immune to fluctuations on the market than the rest of the building industry.
The business isn’t tied to a specific location or personally tied to the current owner.
The current owner is prepared to stay on and help a new owner for a transition period.

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Profitable car repair shop in Finland Proper

asking price 295 000 EUR

A long-serving and profitable car repair shop in a small town in Finland Proper for sale. A stable customer base and an excellent location. Being sold due to retirement.
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