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For sale A successful and long-serving importer of supplies for the textile and crafts industries

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Import
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 500 000 EUR
Asking price 410 000 EUR
Stock sale

The business is a long-serving, profitable importer of supplies for the textile and crafts industries, which has earned the trust and appreciation of its customers. The business offers its industry and business customers high-quality textile industry products and supplies for professional use and high-quality crafts supplies for the crafts industry. During its long history the business has become well-known and established long-term customer relationships and representations of manufacturers.
The business’ selling points are a swift and professional service as well as high-quality products, a highly developed know-how and the right attitude. Word of mouth is the best “salesperson”.
The product selection is extensive and includes e.g. embroidery threads and materials, sewing and crafts supplies, velcro-type straps, padding, packaging materials and machines, labeling solutions and many other products.
The customers are the food and packing industries, the Finnish Defence Forces, the chemical industry, the textile industry, the furniture industry and the ship industry.
The business operates in suitable rented premises in Western Finland, but the business is not dependent on a specific location and can relocate anywhere. The whole of Finland is its market area and there is growth potential in Sweden and Estonia as well.
The business has also invested heavily into product development and sales of new products are already increasing.
The owners are prepared to commit to the business for a longer period if the buyer deems it necessary.
The corona crisis has not affected the business negatively largely due to its several different products and customer segments.

Asking price justification

The value of the current stock is around 236.000 euros. The fair value of the equipment is around 17.000 euros. Goodwill 165.000 euros. Assets - liabilities = -8.000 euros.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

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