Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale Business operations of a reliable framing business in a central location in helsinki

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Interior design stores, construction
Location Greater Helsinki
Person count Full-time 2 persons
Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 1 persons
Adjusted revenue 147 000 EUR
Asking price 25 000 EUR
The business is an almost 60-year-old family business in the framing industry. It also includes selling paintings, e.g. for the purposes of interior design.

Asking price justification

- The largest share of the selling price consists of the stock and the equipment. - The business concept is profitable and functional. - The current owner is committed to helping the new owner take over the business.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A profitable and growing store specialized in bicycle sales and repair

asking price 235 000 EUR The shares are valued at 285.000 euros in total. The business could buy its own shares with an estimated 50 000 euros, and every acquisition would lower the price of the external share sale by the corresponding amount.

The business offers bicycle sales and repair services in its store and online.
Sales consist of direct sales of its represented products to consumers and businesses and services sales.
The business is known for its high-quality customer service, professional know-how and high-quality products.
Its customers are chiefly quality-oriented and active bicycling enthusiasts.
The store its located centrally in Greater Helsinki and the area’s growth prospects are good. The premises are rented, in good condition and excellent for this type of business.
The business’ online store has been developed to be easy to understand and fast, and online sales are increasing significantly.
The business’ market position is constantly improving and its market share in its area of activity is constantly increasing. Its competitive advantage consists of a combination of high-class service and products, which complete each other and guarantee a good customer experience.

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A well-known business in the boating industry, which imports, sells and services

asking price 550 000 EUR

The business has long-term clients, whose products it imports and markets in Finland.
The versatile product ranges of several clients make a profitable business possible, and in addition the business has its own store, in which it sells boating products and provides a servicing and repair service.
The business has a skilled personnel and suitable facilities in a great location.
The business’ imported products are well-known and are easily available due to its broad distribution network.

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Import, resale and online sales of professional video technology

asking price 1 125 000 EUR

The business sells and imports equipment used for professional video production.

The business serves professionals of the industry both in its store and online and consumers in its online store. The business’ services also include rentals and comprehensive maintenance of sold products.

The business’ strengths are flexibility, individual service, a broad product range, after-sales
service, the opportunity to test equipment, competitive pricing and a skilled personnel.

The business is a leading brand in the industry and it is well-known among production companies and
public procurers.

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Importer of products from leading manufacturers and suppliers in the optics and healthcare industry

asking price 445 000 EUR

The business imports products from the optics and healthcare industry and is the market leader for several products. It represents the products of leading manufacturers and suppliers in the optics and healthcare industry. The business’ comfortable business premises, which were modified for the business’ specific needs when building was completed, allow the operation to be more effective and leaves room for storage, which ensures fast and easy product availability. The business trains its customers to use its products, services them and offers its customers expert help during the products’ whole life cycle. The modern online store is used by consumers and professionals in the industry. Orders and sales in the online store, especially in the online store for consumers, are increasing rapidly.

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