Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale For sale: A very profitable and well-known restaurant at easily accessible location in the archipelago

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Nutrition and lodging
Location Finland
Person count Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 20 persons
Adjusted revenue 650 000 EUR
Asking price 980 000 EUR
Asset sale
A very successful, well-known and appreciated social archipelago-themed restaurant and its services for sale. The surrounding archipelago itself is quite a customer magnet and the restaurant’s easily accessible location increase the number of customers. The business is quite well-known and customers come from afar to enjoy its services and event during the summer. The restaurant has successful history of over 10 years. 
The owners don’t know participate in the day-to-day work at the restaurant. During high season in the summer the business employs around 20 seasonal employees. Almost the whole revenue is generated during the summer season. This year the corona epidemic caused the season to begin around a month later than normal, but the revenue and result were still improved for last year.
It is possible to develop and expand the business further, even a franchising concept is possible. The business is suitable for someone who is familiar with restaurant industry or a couple, but this is also an excellent opportunity for someone looking to expand an existing business to develop a larger business concept. 
The business would be most beneficial for a buyer who is able to expand it to new units and develop the business conceptually. 
This is an opportunity for someone who moves fast to be in the archipelago by next summer and affect the concept right away!

Asking price justification

The property and its equipment and furniture make up 410.000 euros of the price.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A very profitable business with extensive experience of selling promotional and corporate gifts

asking price 330 000 EUR As an asset sale

With decades of experience the business is prepared to meet the promotional and corporate gift needs of hundreds of current and new customers. Through it long history the business has acquired functioning relationships with several international partners and customers around Finland. The customers range from small and medium sized enterprises to large multinational businesses. The current product selection is quite broad, but new products are being developed for future needs.

The skilled personnel will help the new entrepreneur get acquainted with the business and in addition the current owner is prepare to assist the owner in the beginning in accordance with their needs. In terms of potentially expanding the business, the buyer can be from anywhere, although the business currently predominantly does its business in Southern Finland.

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A well-known construction business specialized in reparations in the Turku economic area

asking price 325 000 EUR 260.000 euros in a possible asset sale

The business has a long history during which it has established its market position. It has focused on reparations and is able to offer its customers a whole range of broad and versatile know-how.
The business’ organization includes professionally skilled and loyal personnel capable of accepting modern challenges.
The current owners aim to retire in the near future, but are prepared to commit to a transition period.
The customers are property management agencies, housing associations, the public sector etc.

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A productive and successful home care business with growth potential in Uusimaa

asking price 600 000 EUR Asking price in an asset sale

A business which produces comprehensive care and nursing services and support services in the homes of the customers.
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A growing special bicycle store

asking price 680 000 EUR

The business imports and sells bicycles for special use directly to consumers. The bicycles are e.g. equipped for transporting children and goods and for the use of invalids. There are several versions. In addition, the business imports electric bicycles which is a rapidly growing market.
The supply on the traditional bicycle market is broad and there are several competing businesses on the market. The competition on the special bicycle market is considerably smaller, but that market segment is growing as well. B2B sales is a new market area partially due to tax solutions which support acquiring a company bicycle.
The business also services bicycles at its facility and delivers spare parts. The standard and and comprehensiveness of the services are among the best in the industry. The experience of the customer who utilizes the business’ services has been refined to the max and the customer base is growing due to recommendations and good experiences.
The business’ rented premises are located centrally close to natural customers flows and are comfortable, functional and offer opportunities for the business to grow.
The business’ competitive advantages are expertise, the best brands, internet marketing, service, a broad selection for different needs, competitive prices, cost structure, the significantly increased demand for the products and services and the premises, which offer growth opportunities.

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