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For sale Business management expert services

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Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Other service companies
Location Not Specified
Person count
Adjusted revenue 1 000 EUR
Asking price 100 000 EUR
Business management expert services: Are you an experienced and successful business manager thinking of becoming a consultant or a professional in management. Or are you a consultant, who needs to give their customer relationships a lift, optimize them or create more credibility for your business. If you are interested in these things, we have the necessary tools and support. We are management consultant working mostly in business management, predominantly in medium-sized businesses and business looking to grow. Our concept is to permanently improve our customers’ competitivity and profitability. Our documented skills fit the needs of both times of upswing and downturn. We are active in the whole of Finland, but we have also taken on several international businesses. The public sector has also been an important customer. We have received Asiakastieto certificates as one of Finland’s strongest businesses several times and awards for the consulting itself. A typical aspect of our business is long-lasting customer relationships, which entail developing customer businesses and helping them grow, internationalization, improving results or saving them from bankruptcy. We analyze the customer’s operation and environment, plan a development program and take the necessary concrete measures. All this happens in close collaboration with the customer businesses’ key persons and networks. Our analysis tools and tests as well as our planning process and training packages cover the whole spectrum of business management. Our customer acquisition methods have proven to be functional and can help you especially at the start of your career in consultation. We are two retiring owners currently working full-time. We can transfer our knowledge and skills to you through our ICT-based programs and we’ll support you and your possible partners during the running-in period. It is possible to create your own subsidiaries in connection to our business or to build an international franchising network. Our tests and recruitment processes also make incorporation of human resources services possible. There are many options moving forward. Let’s talk!

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

Business operations of a tire and car maintenance service provider in Greater Helsinki

asking price 1 035 000 EUR

The business belongs to a chain and produces car maintenance and tire services for private consumers and also for insurance companies, small and large car dealerships and leasing companies.
The selection of car maintenance and tire related services extensive. The standard and and comprehensiveness of the services are among the best in the industry. The experience of the customer who utilizes the business’ services has been refined to the max and the customer base is growing due to recommendations and good experiences.
The business’ rented premises are located centrally close to natural customers flows and are comfortable, functional and offer opportunities for the business to grow.
The business customers include insurance and leasing companies. The large share of female customers among the private customers is noticeable.
The business’ competitive advantages are location, service, competitive prices, cost structure, the significantly increased demand for the products and services and the premises, which offer growth opportunities.

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Contracting services, monitoring and condition assessments

asking price 95 000 EUR As an asset sale

The business offers contracting services, renovation monitoring, tendering and condition assessments in Central Finland. The operation can be expanded immediately. The owner can stay on an assist the owner for 2-3 years according to the new owner’s needs. Being sold due to retirement.

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A construction business in Ostrobothnia with a strong market position and good profitability

asking price 3 680 000 EUR As an asset sale 2.240.000 euros

The business focuses on house construction. It constructs new buildings and renovates buildings. The objects are apartment buildings, row houses, business premises and public buildings as well as projects in which the business is responsible for both the design and construction of the building.

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A long-serving and profitable accounting firm which has an established customer base and a revenue of around 300.000 euros

asking price 149 500 EUR The asking price is 155.000 euros in an asset sale

The business has its own established customer base, around 350 customers, to whom it produces all necessary accounting services.
The business employs a total of five persons, two of which are owners.
The business has a long history and its image on its core market is good at the very least. It is known as a skilled, reliable and service oriented accounting firm.

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