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For sale A well-known café in in a meeting point in the center of Rovaniemi

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Restaurants, cafes
Location Lapland
Person count Full-time 4 persons
Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 233 000 EUR
Asking price 50 000 EUR
The price includes goodwill and assets

The café is an “aquarium” with glass walls in the center of the shopping mall. The transparent and partly open walls guarantee that shoppers in the mall notice the café and smell its irresistible aroma. The café is part of a meeting point in Rovaniemi, where both locals and tourists meet.

Asking price justification

The café is located in a shopping mall in the center of Rovaniemi, in the core of a designed restaurant area.

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A successful lunch restaurant and café and a beautiful, separate meeting and sauna space in the city center of a town in Pirkanmaa

asking price 88 000 EUR The business premises separately 43.000 euros, the lunch restaurant and café 55.000 euros, together 88.000 euros

For sale: business operations and assets of a long-serving lunch restaurant and café and a separate meeting and sauna space in a central location in a town in Pirkanmaa. The business has long relationships with several customers and it is known as a high-quality lunch restaurant and café and meeting and sauna space. The café and meeting business is sold due to corporate reorganization.

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For sale: business operations of three excellently located fast food restaurants

asking price 350 000 EUR + Earnout

For sale: business operations of the three fast food restaurants to an interested entrepreneur. The restaurants are excellently located in the center of a growing area and offer great potential to the new owner.
The customers can enjoy good food and service inside the fast food restaurants, but the food can also be delivered straight to their front door. The skilled personnel ensure the quality of both the food and the service. The business can practically be run without taking part in its day-to-day operation. However, the current owner is prepared to stay on as employee if necessary.
This is a suitable complete package at a sensible price for an entrepreneur or an investor interested in fast food concepts or customer service. In addition to cost-efficiency an asset sale makes it possible to initiate business operations quickly.

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A café which sells special products in the city center is missing a new owner!

asking price 55 000 EUR (+ earnout) Stock sale

For sale: A café excellently located in the city center, which in addition sells it customers special products related to the service concept. The business’ cash flow is currently almost equally divided between café and product sales. However, the business as a whole has suffered somewhat from the corona epidemic and the restrictions it has caused.
The strength of the business is absolutely its great location and its excellent business concept which offers product buyers a relaxed café atmosphere and services and respectively offering café customers the opportunity to make purchases. Some of the customers only use café services and some focus on buying products, but there are also customers who utilize both services.
The business is sold in a stock sale and the owners are prepared to help the buyer get started. The skilled employees make a quick start possible for the new owner.
This is an excellent package for a future café entrepreneur or a new entrepreneur who likes customer service and sales work. An opportunity to develop and steer the business concept in the direction the entrepreneur wants.

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For sale: A very profitable and well-known restaurant at easily accessible location in the archipelago

asking price 980 000 EUR Asset sale

A very successful, well-known and appreciated social archipelago-themed restaurant and its services for sale. The surrounding archipelago itself is quite a customer magnet and the restaurant’s easily accessible location increase the number of customers. The business is quite well-known and customers come from afar to enjoy its services and event during the summer. The restaurant has successful history of over 10 years. 
The owners don’t know participate in the day-to-day work at the restaurant. During high season in the summer the business employs around 20 seasonal employees. Almost the whole revenue is generated during the summer season. This year the corona epidemic caused the season to begin around a month later than normal, but the revenue and result were still improved for last year.
It is possible to develop and expand the business further, even a franchising concept is possible. The business is suitable for someone who is familiar with restaurant industry or a couple, but this is also an excellent opportunity for someone looking to expand an existing business to develop a larger business concept. 
The business would be most beneficial for a buyer who is able to expand it to new units and develop the business conceptually. 
This is an opportunity for someone who moves fast to be in the archipelago by next summer and affect the concept right away!

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