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For sale For sale: business operations and trademark of RE3 wellness products

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Retail sale of furniture
Location Any location
Person count Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 1 persons
Adjusted revenue 80 000 EUR
Asking price 88 000 EUR

The business was established in 1979. Its massaging chairs have been in the product selection for over the last ten years. Over the years the current RE3 product selection has developed step by step and now covers a wide variety of different massage and wellness products for a large group of satisfied customers. Product descriptions are available at
The business has a broad customer base from professional sports persons to the elderly, who are interested and motivated to benefit from the wellness products.
The RE3 business can grow by building a retailing concept, but especially by investing in multichannel and active sales work. The trademark makes it possible to quickly expand internationally. The products display solid margins, which means the profitability of the business depends on the activity of the owner.
RE3 is a separate trade name under the main business. The reason for selling is the current owner’s wish to concentrate on their core business, and therefore a successor to the RE3 trademark and business is needed.
The seller will help the new owner during the transition phase and beyond.

Asking price justification

Online store 10.000 euros Stock 18.000 euros Goodwill 60.000 euros

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A boat business in the Turku region

asking price 590 000 EUR 95.000 + floating assets (valued at 495.000 in the financial statement of 2020)

A successful boat business in the Turku region established in 1991.
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Contracting services, monitoring and condition assessments

asking price 95 000 EUR As an asset sale

The business offers contracting services, renovation monitoring, tendering and condition assessments in Central Finland. The operation can be expanded immediately. The owner can stay on an assist the owner for 2-3 years according to the new owner’s needs. Being sold due to retirement.

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Business operations of a tire and car maintenance service provider in Greater Helsinki

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The business belongs to a chain and produces car maintenance and tire services for private consumers and also for insurance companies, small and large car dealerships and leasing companies.
The selection of car maintenance and tire related services extensive. The standard and and comprehensiveness of the services are among the best in the industry. The experience of the customer who utilizes the business’ services has been refined to the max and the customer base is growing due to recommendations and good experiences.
The business’ rented premises are located centrally close to natural customers flows and are comfortable, functional and offer opportunities for the business to grow.
The business customers include insurance and leasing companies. The large share of female customers among the private customers is noticeable.
The business’ competitive advantages are location, service, competitive prices, cost structure, the significantly increased demand for the products and services and the premises, which offer growth opportunities.

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An engineering workshop in Ostrobothnia, a profitable start up business

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The cornerstones of our machining is a flexible service and excellent results:
- Serial machining
- Small series
- Individual objects
We deliver assemblies which include standard and plate parts:
- Mechanic assembly
- Welded assembly
- Electro-mechanic assembly
We can arrange very large assemblies due to our extensive subcontractor network.

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