Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy
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For sale A boat business in the Turku region

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets
Industry Vehicle sales, maintenance, spare parts
Location Turku economic area
Person count Full-time 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 870 000 EUR
Asking price 590 000 EUR
95.000 + floating assets (valued at 495.000 in the financial statement of 2020)

A successful boat business in the Turku region established in 1991.
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Asking price justification

The asking price is predominantly based on substance value.

Target's brokers in Suomen Yrityskaupat

Juha-Pekka Asuinmaa, YTM
Business Broker

Phone 010 2864 007
Gsm 050 4611 360

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Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy

A profitable auto spare part store with a long and successful history

asking price 305 000 EUR An asset sale is also possible at an asking price of 300.000 euros

The business has premises at a central location, which are excellently suited for its current operation at current volume. Its selections include well-known and sought after product brands and its operational culture is based on customer oriented service, in which the customer and their need are central.
The business has established its market position among its core customers over the last few decades.

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An importer and wholesaler of consumer products, which can be relocated

asking price 55 000 EUR + floating assets (minimum 100.000)

The business has decades of history and has acquired a stable customer base all around Finland.
It imports versatile products directed at consumers, which are predominantly sold at markets and specialized stores.
Regional sales representatives play a significant role in the operation.

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A landscaping professional which designs and builds gardens in Greater Helsinki

asking price 1 475 000 EUR

The business is a landscaping professional which designs and builds gardens in Greater Helsinki.
The customers are predominantly larger construction companies in Greater Helsinki. Parks departments of cities and municipalities are also customers. Functional and confidential relationships with its partners have been important factors in the business’ success story.
The service selection includes designing, building and maintaining green areas.
The business has a long history as a reputable and reliable business in the industry, which is never disregarded when requesting quotes in the area. There is more work available in the area than the business can take on and the size of the individual projects is growing.
The future of the business seems quite bright. The landscaping industry and an agreeable milieu are increasingly appreciated and people are increasingly more prepared to invest in it. The landscaping industry can be characterized as growing.

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Business operations of plate product manufacturer Riihipelti Oy

asking price 195 000 EUR

For sale: business operations of a well-run and established plate product manufacturer. The business was established in 1995 and is located in Launonen in Loppi close to good transport connections. The operation can continue in the current premises on a lease. The flexible and quick customer service is a strength of the business and a competitive advantage which stands out.
The customers are mainly from the nearby area and they generally collect the products themselves.
The modern and suitable machines make it possible to work efficiently.
The products are “custom construction plates”.
The current entrepreneur wants to focus on other businesses and is prepared to give up this one. They will guide and help the entrepreneur get started.

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Suomen Vahvimmat - Platina Avainlippu TranSeo SYVL
Suomen Vahvimmat - Platina