FOR SALE A small animal clinic which has operated at a central location for decades

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Animal services and welfare
Location Greater Helsinki
Person count Full-time 6 persons
Adjusted revenue 500 000 EUR
Asking price 555 000 EUR
The possible surplus assets which are not related to business operations at the time of acquisition are not included in the asking price.
The veterinarian clinic offers comprehensive care and medication services for small animals, mainly pets.
The services have been offered at a central location in Uusimaa for decades.
The business has a broad customer base in its area which is growing, and customers also come from outside the area. Demand for the business’ services is still increasing.
The growing popularity of the veterinary clinic is based on returning and satisfied customers and new customers who are acquired through recommendations.
The competitive factors of the business are:
– a skilled personnel
– flexibility
– friendly customer service
– good accessibility
– the location in a growth center
– the reputation which has developed during the long history of the business
– functional premises
As a small private business the veterinary clinic has obtained a better reputation than larger businesses and has been able to stay competitive in terms of pricing as well.

Asking price justification

A growing and profitable business. A long history and well-known. A good reputation. A skilled organization. Interesting as an employer. Location. The population growth in the area. Machines and equipment. Established long-term customers. Low dependency on the current owner. Opportunities to develop and expand the business.

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