FOR SALE Business operations of a construction business in the Turku economic area which does diamond drilling and sawing

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets
Industry Construction
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 16 persons
Adjusted revenue 900 000 EUR
Asking price 345 000 EUR
The business’ personnel are skilled in working with concrete due to years of experience.
Its services can be utilized in diamond drilling and sawing, concrete reparations and honing as well as other concrete work.
The business utilizes a modern and scalable equipment.
Its operation is customer-oriented which e.g. can be seen in fully reliable schedules and high-quality results.
The customers are mainly large construction companies, but if necessary also e.g. private builders.
The business operates in Turku and the rest of Finland Proper.

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on the established volume and cash flow of the business. The cash flow projection does not account for the growth potential of the volume which is realistic and achievable in the current market. The business has expanded its operation continuously and its ability to be profitable has simultaneously improved.

More information about the target

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