FOR SALE A successful business in the construction industry, with special know-how giving it a competitive advantage on the market

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Construction
Location Western Finland
Person count Full-time 17 persons
Adjusted revenue 2 100 000 EUR
Asking price 1 300 000 EUR
An asset sale is also possible at 1.100.000 euros
A business in the construction industry with a long history focusing on special construction in which it is one of the most prominent businesses in Finland. In addition, the business performs work in another sector of construction.
In terms of its core operation the business has an excellent market position and thus continuously a significant amount of orders as a base, which makes it possible to make yearly projections.
The operation requires special know-how which the business’ personnel possesses. This provides the business with a significant competitive advantage and protects it from new competitors, as the threshold for entering the market is high.
The market area of the business’ core operation covers the whole of Finland, and the market area of other business operations can be considered to be regional.

Asking price justification

The business has a significant amount of orders and its cash flow is established and easy to project. The selling price is based on the cash flow.

More information about the target

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