FOR SALE An elegant and fresh flower shop business which exceeds the customers’ flower dreams

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Florists, flower stalls
Location Greater Helsinki
Person count Full-time 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 350 000 EUR
Asking price 97 000 EUR
The flower shop makes its customers’ flower dreams come true at a central location in the city center of Helsinki.
It is the strongest brand in the flower shop industry in Finland and business operations under this brand umbrella have strong prospects to succeed in the future as well.
The business operates in rented premises which are highly functional and not in need of acute investment, and the central location of the shop has established its position among the customers.
The flower shop offers comprehensive flower-related services and exceeds the flower dreams of its customers.
Business customers are highlighted in the customer base which includes a large number of significant businesses and brands.
The services of the flower shop are well represented on social media, and the an influencer network made up of public figures also increases awareness.

Asking price justification

The strongest brand on the market. Nationally known and also outside the borders or Finland. The largest business customer base in comparison to other businesses in the industry. The overwhelmingly broadest social media on the market. The customer base includes well-known Finnish businesses and brands. Well-known influencers are among the customers. Centrally located in Helsinki.

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