FOR SALE A business specialized in personal assistance and home care of people with disabilities and the elderly

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Health care, social services
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 8 persons Part-time workers or seasonally employed workers 5 persons
Adjusted revenue 300 000 EUR
Asking price 249 000 EUR
A business specialized in care of disabled people and the elderly with a good reputation and a large customer base. The business was established in 2002 and it has a strong position in its area. The quality and service form the basis of its competitiveness.
This is a good opportunity for someone who knows the industry to expand their own operation or start a business on a clean slate. A skilled and committed personnel. The business can also be expanded easily. The entrepreneur will help and provide support as long as it’s needed.
Fields: Service for disabled people and care of the elderly, home nursing, home care services and family care. Customers: Cities, municipalities and private customers.

Asking price justification

A good and growing customer base with valid contracts. Good opportunities to expand.

More information about the target

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