FOR SALE A wholesaler of carpet and interior design equipment

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Import
Location Southern Finland
Person count Full-time 7 persons
Adjusted revenue 2 300 000 EUR
Asking price 307 000 EUR
The products of the business are imported carpets, tablecloths and other interior design products.
The products are sold under the business’ own brand, the brands of the suppliers and the brands of the retailers. The business utilizes the brand Designed from Finland.
The selection is tailored in accordance with the customers’ needs.
The customers are the largest businesses who sell these types of products. The business has been able to serve its customers very competitively and the customer relationships are quite strong.
The business’ brand, product brand and customer and supplier relationships are property of the business. The current owner will make sure that good customer and supplier relationships are maintained when the ownership is transferred and during the transition period after the transfer.
The supplier are several factories in Europe and the Far East.
The business utilizes a rented building where its storage, office and exhibition space is located. The premises are adequate, comfortable and highly suitable for the purposes of the business and excellent in terms of logistics as well.
The premises also make it possible to store products for customers.

Asking price justification

All the largest customers in the industry will stay with the business after the transfer of ownership. The buyer receives carefully selected factories with whom the cooperation has been developed for years. The business owns highly serviceable premises with good transport connections. It is possible to integrate the business with a larger business. Electronic order portals with several online store customers. Automatic system orders with several of the largest customers. A skilled personnel. It is possible to hire the current owner.

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