FOR SALE A manufacturer of high-quality log cabins well-known in Europe and elsewhere

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Manufacture of wood and wood products
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 87 persons
Adjusted revenue 10 339 305 EUR
Asking price 11 000 000 EUR
The business is a stable manufacturer of log cabins with a higher than average profitability. The business develops, manufactures and markets products with its own brand. It manufacturers log cabins, saunas and bath barrels of 28 mm, 40 mm and 70 mm beams.
In the last few years the business has invested in improving its manufacturing speed and moved to new markets (Canada).
The manufacture processes have been organized to mainly one shift. For some stages 1,5 shifts are utilized during busy periods. The changeability of the personnel is minor.
The business own to properties almost next to each other (over 4 hectares in total area).
The manufacturing is organized in different buildings in the area of around 16 400 m2 in total.
The customers of the business are not DIY hardware stores, but catalogue and online retailers and different types of shops specialized in sales which are prepared to function as retailers. There are no written agreements between the business and its customers.

Asking price justification

The business has a strong position on the export market and an ability to produce excellent and stable results. Machines and equipment are modern. The business owns all premises it utilizes and some of them are brand new. The business employs a sufficient personnel and the salary level is very competitive due to the location of he business.

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