FOR SALE A business which manufactures metal structures, containers, machine tools, conveyors and equipment

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business premises, equipment, real estate
Industry Manufacture of metal products
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 25 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 600 000 EUR
Asking price 1 105 000 EUR
Property 500.000 euros, business operations 650.000 euros
The business was established in 1990 with 100 % local capital. The business owns machine tools for mechanical processing, semi-automatic and handheld electrical welding machines. The premises are in excellent or good condition. Over 700 customers, 30-50 % of the sales are outside Estonia. The business has a total of 25 employees. The employees are skilled and responsible, which enables the business to offer its customers the best quality. All work is conducted in accordance with the customers needs, and in addition the business offers its customers consulting services. The satisfied customers have made sure the business’ production is constantly busy with orders.
miscellaneous metal work: welding, cutting, bending, turning, milling, drilling,
finishing, sandblasting, high pressure painting;
metal structures of buildings: frames, staircases, floors, gates, metal doors;
repair of forest equipment, loaders, handles, masts and trailers;
metal work: splitting, gas cutting, bending, turning, milling, welding.

Asking price justification

The selling price includes: • 100 % of Põlva Tehnika Metallitööd OÜ’s shares • The property and buildings owned by Põlva Tehnika OÜ including equipment and furniture

Target's brokers in Suomen Yrityskaupat

Heikki Kägi
Business Broker
Puh +372 56 475 005
[email protected]

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