FOR SALE A successful restaurant in the Turku economic area for sale

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Restaurants, cafes
Location Finland Proper
Person count Full-time 3 persons part-time 3 persons
Adjusted revenue 560 000 EUR
Asking price Share deal
A high-class modern restaurant package at an excellent location in the Turku economic area for sale. The business operates in relatively new rented premises.
The current versatile and high-quality restaurant concept provides the new owner with a great choice between running just a lunch restaurant or an evening restaurant, but it would also be possible to run a more all-round restaurant business almost around the clock in these very functional premises. The modern interior and high-quality kitchen with its machines and appliances make it possible to run the restaurant for a long time without additional investments.
The core of the business is a versatile and high-quality lunch menu which bring around 200 daily lunch guest during the week, even more in the summer. Normally grill food is served separately in the evening. Several businesses in the are use the restaurant’s lunch services. Therefore, the business works well with the businesses situated nearby. The customer base is broad and versatile, which makes further development possible for the business.
This is a complete package for a new business.
The professional and competent personnel make it easier for a new entrepreneur to get started. The owner is also prepared to help during the transition period, although they haven’t taken part in the day-to-day operation.
The business is being sold due to poor health.

Asking price justification

Including machines and equipment and other movables (value around 42.000 euros).

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