FOR SALE A high-quality social restaurant in the heart of the city

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Restaurants, cafes
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 8 persons
Adjusted revenue 750 000 EUR
Asking price 800 000 EUR
For sale: a unique guiding star in the world of restaurants at an excellent location in the heart of the city. Subtle elegance in the surrounding environment, the restaurant’s rooms and interior design as well as in the food.  The current versatile and high-quality restaurant concept provides the new owner with a great choice between running just a lunch restaurant or a a`la carte evening restaurant, but it would also be possible to run a more all-round restaurant business almost around the clock in these very functional rented premises.
The core of the current operation is the city’s most versatile and best lunch menu, which on weekdays brings in around 200 lunch guests daily. This core customer base makes it possible to organize daily conferences, parties or other events both during the days and in the evenings. Normally separate atmospheric a`la carte dining for adults is organized in the evening, and a pub atmosphere is also possible. Many larger businesses in the region and the city use the restaurant for meeting purposes, but additional marketing and sales could offer an opportunity to improve and grow the business.

Build a restaurant concept to your liking, either by maintaining the current concept or by combining it with e.g. a catering service. However, the large core customer base also makes it possible to reduce the concept to just a lunch restaurant and conference location. Serving lunch currently brings in around 2/3 of the restaurant’s revenue.

Buy a pre-prepared opportunity to start a new business. The premises are recently renovated and have space for over 200 guests. The interior and high-quality kitchen with its machines and appliances make it possible to run the restaurant for a long time without additional investments.
The professional and competent personnel make it easier for a new owner to get started. The current owner has not participated in the operation and let the professional personnel run the restaurant independently, which makes it a suitable business for someone who is used to keeping several restaurants.
However, an owner who would take an active part in the operation would make it possible for the business to develop and grow, which means this is an excellent opportunity for a starting entrepreneur as well!

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on the restaurant’s projected operating margin per unit and the cash flow calculated from it.

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