FOR SALE A web-based service provider for trade of precious metal and precious commodities

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Online stores
Location Southern Finland
Person count Full-time 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 3 000 000 EUR
Asking price 930 000 EUR
The business sells, buys and refines different precious metal products. The product selection covers a broad, complete precious metal service.
The business utilizes several different service concepts and digital solutions. The business model is cost-efficient, based on a digital concept and largely automated.
The customers are predominantly consumers, but also estates and businesses.
The business markets purposefully and though the right marketing channels and the marketing practices utilized have been optimized and documented well.
The business is currently expanding its service selection and launching a new circular economy trading platform.
The operation is currently run nationally from Southern Finland, but it is not tied to a specific location.

Asking price justification

A growing industry. A new circular trading platform to be launched. A profitable business. A cost-efficient digital business model. Efficient marketing practices. A strong and reliable brand and reputation. A functional and well-known online service. A strong economy and cash flow. Know-how acquired through good business practices. An opportunity to meet the growing demand by increasing the resources. A scalable business.

More information about the target

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