FOR SALE Manufacture and sales of hand sanitizer

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Other wholesale stores
Location Finland
Person count
Adjusted revenue 400 000 EUR
Asking price 95 000 EUR
The final selling price is bound to the value of the stock. To the most part the selling price can be covered by selling the existing stock
As the seller concentrates on their main industry, the business does not have the resources to invest in its own operation. An active entrepreneur can generate good result with the high-quality products. The sale does not include personnel, but the buyer will receive the necessary introduction. The business is easily transferrable and the buyer can decide if they want the lease of the current business premises to be included in the sale. This is an excellent opportunity for a sales-oriented entrepreneur or to support an existing business.

Asking price justification

The substance value and the business’ profit potential.

More information about the target

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