FOR SALE A electronic scooter rental which can be relocated to any city or country

Business information

Sale topic For sale equipment, storage
Industry Rental of machines, equipment, goods
Location Estonia
Person count
Adjusted revenue 1 EUR
Asking price 19 000 EUR
There are a total of 119 electronic scooters. During its three first months the business reached a revenue of 60.000 euros with these scooter in Tallinn.
If you wish you could relocate the rental to another city or country. In this case, no immediate additional investments are needed.
When the external situation during the first operational period, the business’ situation is quite stable and offers huge development opportunities.
To expand and to increase the number of electronic scooters investments of around 250.000 euros are necessary.

Asking price justification

The price includes 119 electronic scooters, chargers and spare parts worth around 7.000 euros.

More information about the target

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