FOR SALE A successful business which builds and maintains landscaping objects

Business information

Sale topic For sale part of company
Industry Sewage
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 21 persons
Adjusted revenue 920 000 EUR
Asking price 390 000 EUR
Includes the sale of 90% of all shares
The financial situation of the business is good. It has an ISO 9001 (management) certificate and and ISO 14001 (environment) certificate which are audited annually.
All necessary equipment and machines are currently available and no investments are immediately needed.
The business employs certified gardeners and landscaping employees.
Its main customers are agencies, district governments, construction and road construction businesses, housing associations and private customers in Tallinn.

Asking price justification

Price of business operations, which equates to around three times the operating margin + the value of the contracts. The annual result is 100.000 euros. The offer to sell includes the sale of 90% of the share capital.

More information about the target

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