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Businesses for sale

Target  Target Industry  Location  Price 
Manufacture and sales of hand sanitizer Other wholesale stores Finland 95 000 EUR The final selling price is bound to the value of the stock. To the most part the selling price can be covered by selling the existing stock
A successful house technology business with a long history for sale! HVAC installation, maintenance, design Western Finland 945 000 EUR Stock sale (including the property)
A bakery in Central Finland Bakeries Central Finland 4 000 EUR As a stock sale
Maintenance and repair services for infrastructure Other service companies Finland Based on offers
An industry and worksite safety software business for sale Security and safety services Finland 300 000 EUR Industry business
A one-person engineering workshop in Mustasaari Engineering works Ostrobothnia 36 500 EUR + stock
Business operations of a restaurant and villa rental service close to a national park Travel and program services Finland 200 000 EUR Sold in an asset sale. Three cottages including their lots are for sale separately. The asking price for the cottages is 400.000 euros
Property development close to Tallinn Real estate envestment Any location 448 800 EUR The selling price of the business is 448.800 euros (VAT not included). The selling price of the properties is 448.800 euros (VAT not included)
For sale: a successful wholesaler with a long history specialized in selling machines and work equipment Technical trade Finland 2 900 000 EUR + earnout (asset sale)
An importer, wholesaler and retailer of machine spare parts and equipment Import Finland 415 000 EUR 295.000 + floating assets at 120.000 on average
A very successful processor of metal industry products Surface work Finland 525 000 EUR as an asset sale (a share sale is also possible)
A productive repair shop and spare parts store with an established position on its core market Heavy vehicle fleet repair and maintenance Finland Proper 185 000 EUR
All shares of a successful business in Uusimaa specialized in renovation and construction of new buildings. The sale includes a fully owned subsidiary which offers its parent company all needed personnel services Construction Southern Finland 1 200 000 EUR All shares
All shares of a long-serving, successful business specialized in floor installations in Greater Helsinki Construction Southern Finland 700 000 EUR All shares
A traffic station including a restaurant, a café, conference and function rooms, a sauna, accommodation and a camping area Nutrition and lodging Finland Based on offers
For sale: a high-quality lunch restaurant and café business in Raisio Restaurants, cafes Finland Proper 72 000 EUR Asset sale
A rarely available restaurant in a central location in Turku Restaurants, cafes Turku economic area Sold based on offers
A manufacturer and wholesaler of pet products Other manufacturing Finland Based on offers
All shares of a business with a good reputation specialized in video production in Greater Helsinki Other service companies Finland 155 000 EUR The shares are valued at 155.000 euros in total. The business could buy its own shares with an estimated 30.000 euros, and the acquisition would lower the price of the external share sale by the corresponding amount
Business operations a business with a good reputation offering home services for the elderly in Greater Helsinki Health care, social services Southern Finland 150 000 EUR Price for business operations
A successful business in the construction industry, with special know-how giving it a competitive advantage on the market Construction Western Finland 1 300 000 EUR An asset sale is also possible at 1.100.000 euros
A highly profitable car repair shop/tire store in Turku Vehicle repair shops Turku economic area 380 000 EUR An asset sale is also possible at 365.000 euros
For sale: a business specialized in passenger transport in Tavastia Transport companies, taxis Tavastia Proper 980 000 EUR Asking price in an asset sale
A very profitable business with extensive experience of selling promotional and corporate gifts Other wholesale stores Finland 330 000 EUR As an asset sale
A well-known construction business specialized in reparations in the Turku economic area Construction Turku economic area 325 000 EUR 260.000 euros in a possible asset sale
A growing special bicycle store No industry Uusimaa 680 000 EUR
An equipment and system vendor in the air protection industry with excellent know-how and good products Manufacture of machinery and equipment Southern Finland 1 200 000 EUR Asking price in a stock sale
A business who produces electric planning and installations predominantly for the industry Electrical installation, maintenance, engineering Uusimaa 310 000 EUR In addition, the business has surplus assets of around 200.000 euros
A premium brand with its own interior design product solutions for sale Other manufacturing Finland 104 000 EUR + floating assets (stock sale)
A profitable builder and furnisher of business, public and storage spaces with a strong market position and growth potential Other service companies Southern Finland 1 300 000 EUR The asking price for business operations
A car repair shop in Costa del Sol in Spain Vehicle repair shops Spain 39 000 EUR Limited liability company or as an asset sale
A laundry in a commercial center in western Lapland Laundries Lapland The selling price is disclosed after signing a non-disclosure agreement
A manufacturer of metal products for international customers Manufacture of metal products Finland Based on offers
Business operations of a reliable framing business in a central location in helsinki Interior design stores, construction Greater Helsinki 25 000 EUR
A well-known maintenance service which specializes in maintenance, repair and spare parts sales (light equipment machines in a special sector) No industry Western Finland 500 000 EUR The selling price of business operations without the property is 350.000 euros
A profitable beauty salon in Loimaa with a strong market position Beauty treatment Turku economic area 115 000 EUR Business operations 65.000 euros and the business premises 50.000 euros
A profitable business with great experience, which offers comprehensive graphic design services and focuses on printing products Manufacture of printed or paper products Turku economic area 500 000 EUR The asking price in a stock sale is 420.000 euros
A hotel in Kärdla, Hiiumaa Accommodation companies, hotels Estonia 395 000 EUR
A repair shop with an excellent market position, an ability to produce results and a bright future! Vehicle repair shops Turku economic area 650 000 EUR Asking price in an asset sale 740.000 euros
A profitable funeral home and flower shop with a good reputation Funeral parlor Southern Finland 360 000 EUR Selling price as an asset sale including stock and shares of the business premises. The asking price for the shares is 430.000 euros
All shares of a company, which offers building management, environmental and garden services Construction and design Finland 320 000 EUR For all shares
A profitable village shop in central Finland Retail and wholesale, import, representation Central Finland 130 000 EUR Business operations and the property
Car sales and importation Vehicle sales, maintenance, spare parts Finland 350 000 EUR As a stock sale
Business operations of a profitable, long-serving company, which has a stable customer base and specializes in office cafeteria supplies and equipment as well as ergonomy products and furniture for offices Import Finland 590 000 EUR
Manufacture and recycling of pallets Other manufacturing Finland 1 000 000 EUR 1.000.000
A highly profitable business specialized in manufacturing glass facades with aluminum profiles, glass roofs, windows and doors Construction Estonia 2 950 000 EUR The asking price does not include the properties which the business owns or the assets of over two hundred thousand (200.000) euros in its bank accounts or in cash
Business operations of the transferable manufacture of a new foodstuff which is already on the market Food industry Finland 75 000 EUR Business operations were only initiated in 2019 and the market has now been entered strongly and rapid growth is to be expected
A profitable manufacturer of metal parts and sets of parts with products of its own Other manufacturing Päijänne Tavastia 380 000 EUR Stock sale. An asset sale is possible at a selling price of 300.000 euros
For sale: business operations and assets of a road transport business in Estonia Transport companies, taxis Estonia 250 000 EUR
A successful lunch restaurant and café and a beautiful, separate meeting and sauna space in the city center of a town in Pirkanmaa Restaurants, cafes Pirkanmaa 88 000 EUR The business premises separately 43.000 euros, the lunch restaurant and café 55.000 euros, together 88.000 euros
For sale: business operations of three excellently located fast food restaurants Restaurants, cafes Finland 350 000 EUR + Earnout
A landscaping professional which designs and builds gardens in Greater Helsinki Construction and design Uusimaa 1 475 000 EUR
A café which sells special products in the city center is missing a new owner! Restaurants, cafes Finland Proper 55 000 EUR (+ earnout) Stock sale
An Estonia-based manufacturer of cushioned furniture with a good reputation Furniture industry Any location 223 000 EUR + the property 500 000 euros
A family business which specializes in manufacturing sewing products as a subcontractor Manufacture of textiles or clothing Estonia 180 000 EUR
A boat business in the Turku region Vehicle sales, maintenance, spare parts Turku economic area 335 000 EUR 95.000 + floating assets (valued at 495.000 in the financial statement of 2020)
Business operations of a tire and car maintenance service provider in Greater Helsinki Vehicle repair shops Greater Helsinki 985 000 EUR
A comprehensive SHADE AND FRAME STORE ... and much more Retail and wholesale, import, representation Finland 120.000 euros + floating assets in an asset sale
A construction business in Ostrobothnia with a strong market position and good profitability Construction Ostrobothnia 3 680 000 EUR As an asset sale 2.240.000 euros
A electronic scooter rental which can be relocated to any city or country Rental of machines, equipment, goods Estonia 75 000 EUR
A business in Greater Helsinki which produces plant arrangement and earthworks services Construction and design Greater Helsinki 160 000 EUR In an external stock sale the business could acquire its own shares for around 185.000 euros. The total value of the stocks are over 345.000 euros (external stock sale 160.000 euros + acquisition of own shares 185.000 euros + surplus cash reserves)
A business which offers turnkey high-quality glazing solutions Glass industry Finland Proper 55 000 EUR Stock sale or asset sale
For sale: A very profitable and well-known restaurant at easily accessible location in the archipelago Nutrition and lodging Finland 980 000 EUR Asset sale
The profitable engineering workshop Koillis-Sorvaus Oy in Kemijärvi, in the southeast of Lapland Engineering works Lapland Based on offers
An excellently located central business space of 508.5 m2 in Akaa, Viiala, has been a restaurant, equipment and furniture are a part of the sale Real estate envestment Pirkanmaa 70 000 EUR The buyer of the business premises can have the equipment and furniture of the restaurant if they wish
An excellently located business space of 548 m2 at street level in the center of Vammala, suitable for e.g. a restaurant Real estate envestment Pirkanmaa 190 000 EUR Includes performance and restaurant equipment
An elegant business property of 472 m2 right in the center of Orivesi, suitable for e.g. a restaurant Real estate envestment Pirkanmaa 170 000 EUR equipment in addition
A business based in Northern Finland, which is the regional leader specialized in copings, HVAC and industry insulation, air conditioning and scaffold installations and asbestos removal Manufacture of metal products Northern Finland Based on offers
A profitable auto spare part store with a long and successful history Vehicle sales, maintenance, spare parts Turku economic area 305 000 EUR An asset sale is also possible at an asking price of 300.000 euros
A lumber and construction equipment store in Western Finland Other retail stores Finland 700 000 EUR The final selling price depends on the value of floating assets at the time of the sale
A well-known wholesaler of crafts and interior design products Retail and wholesale, import, representation Pirkanmaa 370 000 EUR
A nursery garden which predominantly grows and sells conifers Gardening Estonia 295 000 EUR
Degersand Resort, Finland’s most beautiful beach and a scenic camping site Accommodation companies, hotels Åland Islands 790 000 EUR
A multi-brand car repair shop Vehicle repair shops North Ostrobothnia Based on offers
A sewing business, which primarily manufactures dress shirts as a subcontractor Manufacture of textiles or clothing Any location 95 000 EUR
An importer and wholesaler of consumer products, which can be relocated Retail and wholesale, import, representation Turku economic area 55 000 EUR + floating assets (minimum 100.000)
A popular interior design store representing excellent products at a superb location on a city’s lively shopping street Other retail stores Satakunta 58 500 EUR
A competitive machine and appliance manufacturer with a long and successful history Manufacture of machinery and equipment Turku economic area 695 000 EUR The price of business operations excluding the property
A design-focused manufacturer of production equipment for the industry, with excellent references and a strong market position Consulting engineers Western Finland 700 000 EUR business operations 350 000 + floating assets (350 000 in the financial statement of 2019)
A business specialized in infrastructure construction Construction and design Finland 2 450 000 EUR
A very productive and competitive mechanization workshop Engineering works Western Finland 1 000 000 EUR
A new dental clinic in the center of Tallinn Health care, social services Any location 190 000 EUR + cash
For sale: business operations and trademark of RE3 wellness products Retail sale of furniture Any location 88 000 EUR
Sales and imports of a well-known, successful brand Interior design stores, construction Finland 350 000 EUR Stock sale
An ESPRIT store to be established in the Jyväskylä economic area Sale of clothing, textiles Finland 150 000 EUR 150.000-200.000 euros
An ESPRIT store to be established in the Oulu economic area Sale of clothing, textiles Finland 150 000 EUR 150.000-200.000 euros
A successful and long-serving importer of supplies for the textile and crafts industries Import Finland 180 000 EUR Stock sale
Estonia’s largest retailer of mobile phone accessories and equipment Other wholesale stores Estonia 750 000 EUR
A business which manufactures metal structures, containers, machine tools, conveyors and equipment Manufacture of metal products Estonia 1 105 000 EUR Property 500.000 euros, business operations 650.000 euros
The business operations and assets of a manufacturer of plastic products (curtain rails) Manufacture of rubber and plastic products Ostrobothnia 100 000 EUR or offer!
A well-known café in in a meeting point in the center of Rovaniemi Restaurants, cafes Lapland 50 000 EUR The price includes goodwill and assets
A Finland proper -based business (including machines and equipment), which specializes in painting and sodablasting (also sandblasting and glassblowing) Construction Finland Proper 85 000 EUR The value of the machines and equipment is 40 000 euros
A business providing the sewing industry with special treatment, dyeing and finishing services of textiles Laundries Any location 215 000 EUR
A profitable and competitive business with a solid market position, which performs diamond drilling and sawing as well as earthworks and demolitions Construction and design Western Finland 1 800 000 EUR The asking price is 2.500.000 euros in an asset sale
A profitable taxi business in Savonia Transport companies, taxis Finland 400 000 EUR As an asset sale
A business from Northern Finland in the international market, which manufactures high-quality rail equipment and vehicle repair shop lifts as well as tailor-made special lifts for the industry Manufacture of machinery and equipment Lapland Based on offers
A large restaurant in a new shopping center Restaurants, cafes Estonia 190 000 EUR
A profitable guest harbor with services located in an idyllic archipelago milieu for sale! Nutrition and lodging Finland 730 000 EUR Including the property worth 570.000 euros
Develop a functional corporate gift business into an online store Retail and wholesale, import, representation Finland 70 000 EUR or based on offers
Retail and wholesail chains of textiles and yarns in Estonia Sale of clothing, textiles Estonia 1 825 000 EUR
Successful business in the building management industry Real estate services Uusimaa 360 000 EUR
Small and flexible meat production in central Estonia Food industry Estonia 335 000 EUR
Business which produces 24/7 residential care including treatment of persons with memory disorders Health care, social services Southern Finland 700 000 EUR Before an external stock sale, in our model the business has sold its properties to a property investor for 2.800.000 euros, signed a lease with the property’s new owner (taken into account in the valuation) and acquired its own shares for 850.000 euros
Bridal and formal wear stores in Tartu and Tallinn Sale of clothing, textiles Estonia 280 000 EUR
Popular and well-known roof repair and exterior painting business in Southern Finland Real estate services Southern Finland 60 000 EUR + stock
Cleaning business in Savonia Cleaning, sanitation Finland 85 000 EUR A cleaning business, with an operating margin of 30.000 euros per year
Growing business in Finland Proper, which offers damage control services Construction Finland Proper 282 000 EUR Asset sale 265.000 euros / Stock sale 325.000 euros
Manufacturer of products for the carpentry industry Furniture industry Estonia 220 000 EUR
Cozy three-floor restaurant in the middle of Tallinn old town Restaurants, cafes Estonia 77 000 EUR
Engineering workshop with a global market, which specializes in refrigeration systems and cooling HVAC installation, maintenance, design Finland 400 000 EUR Including floating assets
Exceptionally productive business in the house technology industry, which specializes in heating, cooling and other related services and products HVAC installation, maintenance, design Turku economic area 195 000 EUR
Furniture factory in Southern Estonia Furniture industry Estonia 800 000 EUR + properties
Growing and profitbale manufacturer of edge-glued wood products Manufacture of wood and wood products Finland Based on offers
One of Estonia’s oldest and best known clothing businesses Manufacture of textiles or clothing Estonia 2 900 000 EUR
High-class restaurant on the peak of Pyhätunturi Restaurants, cafes Lapland 903 000 EUR
Profitable car repair shop in Finland Proper Vehicle repair shops Finland Proper 295 000 EUR
A very well-known and profitable restaurant by the sea in Kemi Restaurants, cafes Lapland The selling price is revealed to the potential buyers after signing an NDA
Satakunta-based long-serving and successful business in the hvac industry for sale due to retirement HVAC installation, maintenance, design Satakunta 450 000 EUR It is possible to acquire shares for 270.000 euros with the business’ surplus funds
For sale: 49 % of the share capital of a business that offers services for the cereal crop cultivation and the forestry industry Agriculture, forestry and hunting No location 3 200 000 EUR
Metal coating business Engineering works Estonia 200 000 EUR
Large restaurant and popular buffet in Estonia Restaurants, cafes Estonia 1 200 000 EUR
Business which specializes in new door closer and security system innovation Manufacture of machinery and equipment Any location Based on offers
A well-known business in the boating industry, which imports, sells and services Other wholesale stores Greater Helsinki 550 000 EUR
Very profitable business, which specializes in electrical and automation installations Electrical installation, maintenance, engineering Turku economic area 585 000 EUR An asset sale 585.000 euros and a stock sale 750.000 euros, both without the property
Renovation specialist in South-Eastern Finland Construction South Karelia 580 000 EUR The asking price for business operations without the properties
Furniture industry Furniture industry Estonia 2 400 000 EUR
Depot in Miehikkälä Real estate envestment Finland 920 000 EUR
A hotel and restaurant in Haapsalu old town Accommodation companies, hotels Estonia 50 000 EUR
Profitable and growing car repair shop in Jyväskylä Vehicle repair shops Central Finland 450 000 EUR Offer
Production facility, machines, appliances and equipment of somero-based somertekno oy Manufacture of machinery and equipment Rest of Finland Proper 775 000 EUR The machines, appliances and equipment as well as floating assets 150 000 euros and the property 625 000 euros
A high-quality social restaurant in the heart of the city Restaurants, cafes Satakunta 165 000 EUR
Successful metal product manufacturer with a long-term profitable business Manufacture of metal products Rest of Finland Proper 525 000 EUR The asking price for business operations and assets is 450 000 euros and the property 400 000 euros
Industrial machine manufacturer from pirkanmaa with its own well-known brand Manufacture of machinery and equipment Pirkanmaa 450 000 EUR including the property
Product rights to new wood products Manufacture of wood and wood products Not Specified 6 000 EUR Additional price based product sales
Successful Estonian business, which offers metalwork and laser cutting services Engineering works Estonia 1 683 000 EUR + property
Traditional restaurant in Ostrobothnia Restaurants, cafes Ostrobothnia 290 000 EUR
Wholesale and retail sales of tableware and kitchen supplies Retail and wholesale, import, representation Estonia 125 000 EUR
Rransferable well-known lift rental, with tail lift vehicles, person lifters and other related equipment Rental of machines, equipment, goods Turku economic area 900 000 EUR
Car repair shops and tire business in Central Finland Vehicle repair shops Finland 695 000 EUR
A finnish health shop in Tallinn old town Nutrition and lodging Estonia 27 500 EUR
Over 200 businesses from different industries for sale in Costa del Sol, Spain Restaurants, cafes Spain 3300-300000
Wholesale and retail sales of fastener and technical equipment in pirkanmaa Retail and wholesale, import, representation Western Finland 290 000 EUR
A leader in wholesale and retail sales of fastener equipment Other wholesale stores Estonia 2 400 000 EUR
A business focused on the import and sales of agricultural machines Vehicle sales, maintenance, spare parts Estonia 145 000 EUR 145000€+varasto
Profitable manufacturer of metal structures with its own products and premises Engineering works Estonia 1 500 000 EUR + property
Design and manufacture of high-quality women’s clothes Sale of clothing, textiles Estonia 250 000 EUR
Mining rights to a Finnish granite mine until the year 2030 Stone and mineral industry Finland Proper 1 100 000 EUR
Business which offer real-life escape room games in Southern Estonia Other service companies Estonia 75 000 EUR
Recently renovated restaurant in Tallinn Old Town on Viru street Restaurants, cafes Estonia 250 000 EUR
Manufacturer of internationally competitive electronics industry machines and equipment Electronics industry Finland Proper 175 000 EUR + floating assets
4-star hotel in the heart of Riga Accommodation companies, hotels Finland 4 500 000 EUR
Indoor playground with a versatile service selection Other service companies Finland Proper 275 000 EUR
Successful engineering workshop, which specializes in maintenance and repair Engineering works Eastern Finland 5 500 000 EUR Asking price of the stock. The asking price of business operations is 3 800 000 euros
A lot and department store in a great location in the center of Paldiski (50 km from tallinn) Other retail stores Estonia 280 000 EUR The value of the property.
Agricultural machinery manufacturer Manufacture of machinery and equipment Satakunta 730 000 EUR
A new hotel in Southern Estonia Accommodation companies, hotels Estonia 1 350 000 EUR

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