Every business sale is a unique event. For most entrepreneurs, selling their business is the biggest and most important sale of their career, both financially and emotionally. It has to succeed on the first try.

We have been part of the sales of over 2 000 businesses, which is more than any other institution in Finland. Suomen Yrityskaupat can offer you the country’s best experts and the resources to strike the most important deal of your life.

The first discussions with our business brokers are free of charge, always confidential and do not bind you to anything. In this meeting our business broker can tell you what the most sensible next step is in selling your business and if necessary guides you to other experts. Whatever the situation in your change of ownership, you can always start with us.

The business broker also helps you with all preparations leading up to the business sale. Meeting with our business brokers saves you time and effort as well as reduces the risks and makes it easier to make decisions regarding the sale of your business. Out of all experts, a business broker is the only one, whose main job is a successful business sale.

Your business’ sale begins with accepting a written service agreement. This agreement clearly and specifically defines the rules of the sale, the expenses and the fees. We comply with the general terms and conditions set by the Finnish business broker and change of ownership expert union (Suomen Yritysvälittäjäin ja Omistajanvaihdosasiantuntijain Liitto ry) and its instructions on fair practice in business brokering (Hyvä yritysvälitystapa). For over 20 years we have been a pioneer in fair business brokering in our country, which means you can count on that we will do what has been agreed. Although we are the largest broker in business transfers, our fees are quite reasonable for businesses of all sizes.

When you have commissioned us to sell your business, you’ll receive clear instructions on what to do next and what information we still need. The business is sold anonymously, whether its visible in our marketing or being sold quietly. We only disclose information the business can be identified by to those who have signed a non-disclosure agreement unless you request otherwise.

You don’t need other professionals to sell your business, as we create all necessary documents, such as valuations, brochures and contracts of sale. In the sale negotiations we eliminate unsuitable buyers, and you only meet the best candidates. If necessary we help the buyer find financing for the acquisition in order to execute the business transfer without delay.

You can safely choose us as your business sale expert, as we’re Finland’s by far largest and most popular business broker. At this time Suomen Yrityskaupat has around 250 businesses of different sizes for sale, some of them openly and some of them quietly. We participate in around 150 changes of ownership annually. Over 23 000 potential buyers are looking for suitable businesses through us. View the searches persons interested to buy a business have made here.

Don’t hesitate, contact us immediately. You can contact a business broker by filling the contact form below, calling our national service number 010 2864 000 or calling your closest broker, whose contact information you’ll find here.

Things to remember when selling a business:

  1. You should start the preparations for selling the business in time.
  2. Using an experienced expert leads to the best results.
  3. Organize your papers: explicit accounting and organized contracts and agreements are a prerequisite for a successful sale.
  4. Clean up: unnecessary stock and junk are worthless in the eyes of the buyer. A clean operational environment lowers the threshold to buy.
  5. Everything that isn’t completely clear, is unclear in the eyes of the buyer and slows done the selling process. A fair and transparent sale leads to quick decisions to buy.
  6. Unfortunately, buyers don’t pay for emotional value: the value of a business is the price that makes the sale happen.
  7. A productive and well-run business is always more valuable than a disorganized and non-profitable one.
  8. The buyer is ready to pay the asking price, when they understand why it is the asking price. A justified price can’t be lowered much, which all parties of the transaction understand.

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