FOR SALE An accounting and technology business which offers accounting services mainly for e-residents of Estonia and internationals with a business in Estonia

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Accounting, law, consulting firms
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 10 persons
Adjusted revenue 307 000 EUR
Asking price 420 000 EUR
The value of the software created by the business is 174.000 euros
An accounting and technology business which combines software development with accounting in order to simplify the work of accountants. The business has developed its own software which is mobile compatible and integrates the accounting, bank account, invoicing and document management of the customer.
The business has been a part of the e-residency program of Estonia since 2017. The customers are mainly wealthy e-residents of Estonia whoa have established a business in Estonia and offer their services through this business.
The crises of the last few years (Covid, the war in Ukraine) haven’t affected the business much. The increase of customers has been constant, and the working organization of the business has been built around working from home.
The seller is willing and motivated to continue working in the same industry, but wants to do so with new partners in order to share the workload.

Asking price justification

The software “Dashboard Zero to Scale” created by the business is worth 174.000 euros. According to calculations by the seller, providing services for the current customers enables generating monthly sales proceeds of 25-30.000 euros on average with a monthly profit of around 16.000 euros.

More information about the target

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