FOR SALE A nationwide sales and installation company for flooring and wall surfaces

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business operations, business assets, equipment, storage
Industry Construction
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 10 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 080 000 EUR
Asking price 385 000 EUR
As an asset sale 275.000 euros
The company, which has been active for more than 40 years, specializes in floor covering and wall cladding. The company’s operating area is the whole of Finland. The company is known for high quality and reliability.
The company’s turnover consists mainly of installation and renovation of floors and walls. The company’s customers are mainly construction companies, but also households, cities and municipalities.
The company employs 10 people ranging from supervisors to installers. If necessary, it also uses subcontractors in installation tasks. The company’s employees are excellent professionals and committed to the company.
The company has a good order book and an efficient way of working. Turnover can be increased, for example, by investing in consumer customers, selling materials (parquets, vinyls, laminates, tiles, carpets, accessories) and boosting marketing on social media, Google and developing an online store.
The reason for selling is retirement.

Asking price justification

Asking price for the shares of a well-functioning business. The debt needed to pay the acquisition price can be paid back in five years if the self-financing share of the buyer is around 83.000 euros and the interest of the bank loan is 7%.

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