FOR SALE A manufacturer of design furniture known all over the world

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Furniture industry
Location Any location
Person count Full-time 56 persons
Adjusted revenue 7 200 000 EUR
Asking price 3 500 000 EUR
+ cash. Including the property the selling price of the business is 4.400.000 euros + cash
The business was established in 2006 in a fusion of two businesses in the furniture industry.
The business manufactures top class design furniture and ship furniture as special orders.
The business has almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing design furniture for the needs of different types of repair construction. In Estonia, the business currently employs over 80 qualified experts in all fields with practical experience of different materials and intense experience of manufacturing furniture and fixtures for hotels, cruise ships, casinos, restaurants and homes around the world.
The business relies on the latest technological developments and the intense experience and professional skills of its skilled personnel in order to ensure the unique quality of its products.
The business is established, has no large debt and is extremely flexible to react to fluctuations and crises on the market.

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