FOR SALE For sale: Puulan Putki Oy in the HVAC industry

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets, equipment, storage
Industry HVAC installation, maintenance, design
Location Eastern Finland
Person count Full-time 4 persons
Adjusted revenue 600 000 EUR
Asking price As an asset deal
Full-service HVAC business. The company represents strong experience and the latest know-how. The company is an expert in building technology, which carries out all HVAC work carefully and professionally in new and renovated buildings.
Services include, for example, water, sewer and heating lines, air conditioning, geothermal heating systems, wood, wood chip and pellet heating, as well as non-corrosive composite and stainless steel piping. In addition, the company sells high-quality HVAC accessories and gives advice on renovation. The company has its own store with a good product selection and good represented brands.

Asking price justification

Professional HVAC company with its own store. An established customer base.

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