FOR SALE Product rights to new wood products

Business information

Sale topic For sale part of company
Industry Manufacture of wood and wood products
Location Not Specified
Person count
Adjusted revenue 1 EUR
Asking price 6 000 EUR
Additional price based product sales
The business has designed several new wood products, and the product rights of these are for sale. The inventor is retired and does not want to market the products themself. If necessary the entrepreneur can work as a subcontractor in the production of the products. By acquiring the product rights the buyer gets an inexpensive path to new products, which have been carefully designed and tested over several years. Suitable for a buyer with their own distribution channels and/or production capacity. The marketing potential of the products is currently largely unknown.

Asking price justification

Product rights for several products for sale. The business has designed several products, but due to the entrepreneur retiring they have never been commercialized. A few products have been manufactured and sold in small amounts. The asking price is based on products rights of completed products, from which the buyer can start and make the business grow. Production can be started anywhere.

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