FOR SALE Pärjä Ski Bistro at Iso-Syöte located where the ski slopes, caravan area, ski tracks, snowmobile routes and national park meet

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets, equipment, storage
Industry Restaurants, cafes
Location Northern Finland
Person count Full-time 3 persons part-time 3 persons
Adjusted revenue 377 521 EUR
Asking price 95 000 EUR
The asking price includes assets and business operations
The legendary Pärjänkievari at the back slopes of the fell Iso-Syöte has been renovated. In addition to the world-famous Päräjä pizzas, Pärjä Ski Bistro offers an abundance of food, drink and entertainment at day and at night, year-round if necessary.
Iso-Syöte is the southernmost fell area in Finland and it offers wonderful experiences in the amazing nature where services are close. The amount of slopes, the functional lift system and versatile services are strengths of Iso-Syöte. The Syöte area is located north of the Oulu-Kuusamo highway (no. 20), around 60 kilometers north of Pudasjärvi.

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on future cash flow which is based on the realized cash flow of similar restaurants in the area before the corona pandemic.

More information about the target

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