FOR SALE Business operations of a business which sells high-end leisure wear and shoes

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations
Industry Sale of clothing, textiles
Location Southern Finland
Person count Full-time 11 persons
Adjusted revenue 900 000 EUR
Asking price 450 000 EUR
The business sells timeless and high-quality high-end leisure wear and shoes for adults. The brand has been built carefully and it is very strong and respected.
The product selection includes American, European and Nordic brands. The product selection includes separate spring, summer, autumn and winter collections.
The majority of the products are imported by the business.
The customer base is brand-aware and has purchasing power. The majority of the business’ customers are interested in boating, exercise and travelling.
The stores are excellently located in Southern Finland and during the summer season more locations are opened. The online store serves customers nationwide.

Asking price justification

A profitable business. Excellent locations. Appreciated product brands. An online store. A strong brand. Brand-aware customer with purchasing power. A motivated and skilled personnel. Good suppliers and supplier contracts especially with the most important product brands. Good future prospects. A functional concept for a store with good service. Easy to shop at.

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