FOR SALE For sale: business operations and assets of a road transport business in Estonia

Business information

Sale topic For sale part of company, business assets
Industry Transport companies, taxis
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 5 persons
Adjusted revenue 378 600 EUR
Asking price 250 000 EUR
The business offers transport and logistics services and short-term storage services (self storage).
The strengths of the business are its long-term and high-quality service culture and flexibility, which sets it apart from several other transport service businesses. The business has long-term experience of transporting glass products which require special handling.
The business employs five drivers who have long-term experience of the industry and one of them is the logistics and transport manager. 
The transport vehicles (heavy trucks, a van and a storage elevator) and the heated terminal and in good condition. 
The business has one key customer and several regular customers.

Asking price justification

Sold in an asset sale. The price includes the business’ assets (excluding properties). The business is profitable.

More information about the target

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