FOR SALE The accommodation business Arctic Polar Oy in a beautiful location on the slope of the fell Saana

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Accommodation companies, hotels
Location Lapland
Person count Full-time 3 persons
Adjusted revenue 500 000 EUR
Asking price 1 600 000 EUR
An accommodation business with 20 apartments in one of the most beautiful locations in in Finland.
This is an opportunity for an entrepreneur couple to employ themselves in a profitable business. You could enjoy the clean nature of Lapland as soon as next spring and in the fall you’ll hike the treeless fell on your days off.
In your work you’ll meet interesting international personas and make acquaintances from all over the world.
The business can be expanded rapidly due to the reserve of lots closeby.

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on the fair value of the property and the buildings and the profitable business which can be expanded.

More information about the target

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