FOR SALE A highly profitable business in the tourism and accommodation industry focused on the short-term rentals. The business is suitable as an investment.

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Accommodation companies, hotels
Location Southern Finland
Person count Full-time 5 persons part-time 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 500 000 EUR
Asking price 1 700 000 EUR
Asking price for all shares
Short-term rentals of well-equipped holiday homes. Most of the work concerning the rentals and the properties for rent is done through local subcontractors. The business is also suitable as an investment or as a branch of a larger business offering accommodation.

Asking price justification

The price of all shares. The business itself can purchase own shares at around 100.000 euros. The remaining 1.600.000 euros can be financed with a loan of around six years, if the buyer’s self-financing share is around 450.000 euros and the interest on the loan 7%. An asset deal at around 3.000.000 euros is also possible. If the self-financing need of the buyer is 600.000 euros and the interest on the required loan is 7%, the debt needed for the acquisition can be paid back in around five years in terms of goodwill and fixed assets and in around ten years in terms of properties.

More information about the target

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