FOR SALE A successful earthworks company with significant potential for profitable growth

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Construction and design
Location Finland Proper
Person count Full-time 12 persons
Adjusted revenue 2 800 000 EUR
Asking price 1 250 000 EUR
The company operates heavily in the field of earthworks, where it has years of experience and the resulting know-how and market position. It has the potential to increase its volume profitably.
The company carries out significant infrastructure construction projects and has a proper machinery and equipment base as well as skilled personnel.
The company has a certified quality system and the following RALA qualifications: Main contracting of road construction, roads, streets and municipal engineering, main contracting of pipelines and pipeline networks, construction of pipelines and main contracting of landscaping and environmental construction.

Asking price justification

The company's history and future projections offer strong confidence that the company will be able to maintain and even increase its positive cash flow. The projected cash flow provides the basis for the value of the company's share capital to be in line with the set target price and the payback period of the purchase price is around 4 years.

More information about the target

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