FOR SALE A transferrable electronics and electrical products manufacturer not tied to a location

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets
Industry Electronics industry
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 2 persons
Adjusted revenue 450 000 EUR
Asking price 300 000 EUR
The company has developed an internationally competitive product, the manufacture of which it controls. In the domestic market, the company also carries out sales and marketing, but in export markets it has the help of a large European operator that markets the product in export markets.
The company continues its product development work and thus maintains its competitiveness. Its core competitors are mainly three large foreign players in the industry, over whose products the company’s products have clear competitive advantages.

Asking price justification

The cash flow generated by the company is the basis for pricing, in addition to which the existing potential for business growth has been taken into account to some extent. The starting point has been that the acquisition price can be partly tied to realized variables, in which case the final acquisition price will be at the correct level.

More information about the target

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