FOR SALE A successful business which sells and services different home robots (robot lawnmowers, robot vacuum cleaners, window washing robots)

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Home appliance sales and maintenance
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 5 persons
Adjusted revenue 605 000 EUR
Asking price 350 000 EUR
The business’ industry is sales, installation, service and repair of robot lawnmowers, robot vacuum cleaners, window washing robots and some other smart home appliances. The business is active in the whole of Estonia.
The financial situation of the business is very good. The competition in the robot vacuum cleaner market is quite tough currently, but due to its current customer base which continuously acquires spare parts, new robots or other home robots, the business is still one of the few profitable businesses in this industry.
99% of sales are done through internet marketing, ONLY Google Ads and Meta Ads. Marketing is currently the owner’s responsibility.
The business continues as the number one seller of home robots in Estonia.

Asking price justification

The value of the equity is around 250.000 euros. The business can produce an annual profit of 100.000 euros.

More information about the target

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