FOR SALE Retailer and importer of technical machinery and equipment and related accessories

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Import
Location Uusimaa
Person count Full-time 4 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 400 000 EUR
Asking price 850 000 EUR
Unnecessary excess assets in the company's business are not transferred in the deal.
The company retails and imports technical machinery and equipment as well as other accessories needed in connection with their use.
Sales are carried out in a store that is well-known among customers in the area and in an online store, which is known nationwide. The premises are rented.
Customers are corporate and private customers who want reliable small machines and accessories at affordable prices.
The suppliers are large, well-known and strongly growing European companies. Spare parts and service for machines purchased from the company for sale are available even years later.
Throughout its long history, the business has been on a solid foundation and profitable. This is still the case in business.
The company’s competitive advantages include:
– product range and specialization
– fast deliveries from its own comprehensive warehouse
– responsible operations of the company
– advanced use of an advanced and modern ERP system
– efficient sales and online store
– warranty service and other warranty services

Asking price justification

Twenty years of successful business. Represents strong European brands. Excellent and long-term supplier relationships. A large number of private and corporate customers. Stable and profitable business. Nationwide sales. Efficient online store. Well-functioning sales organization. Good rented business premises in a central location. Current stock. Speed of delivery. Utilizing a modern and advanced ERP system.

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