FOR SALE A business in the metal industry with a very long history and an established customer base

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Manufacture of metal products
Location Any location
Person count Full-time 20 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 100 000 EUR
Asking price 320 000 EUR
The main industry is the manufacture of different metal structures and their parts. E.g. manufacture of steel structures, conveyors, screw conveyors and other products; manufacture of aluminum and stainless steel products.
In addition to the main production customers are offered different metal works services: welding, turning, threading, milling, bending, drilling etc.
The customers are pellet factories and plastic processors as well as other production companies.
The business has around 220 different customers.
All employees are loyal and reliable.

Asking price justification

The business is 25 years old and it has an established base of regular customers. It performs a lot of metal work which isn’t necessarily offered elsewhere, at least not at the same price. A skilled personnel.

More information about the target

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