FOR SALE All shares of metal industry business specialized in equipment manufacture for sale

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business operations, business assets, equipment, storage, real estate
Industry Manufacture of machinery and equipment
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 5 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 185 000 EUR
Asking price 3 200 000 EUR
As an asset sale 3.500.000 euros
The business is in the engineering workshop industry which includes equipment design and manufacture.
The strengths of the business are quality, security of supply, high customer satisfaction, expertise in carrying out projects and a strong financial situation. The processes of the business have been perfected over the years which e.g. can be seen as a good operating margin.
The seller is committed to help the successor take over the business and customer relationships during a separately agreed transition period.

Asking price justification

The average payback period of the financing for an asset deal is 9.9 years. The payback period in an asset deal is estimated at 7.7 years. This is the time period in which the financing acquired for the buying the business and the interest has been paid to the financiers with the cashflow of the business. The calculation is based on the annual operating margin which is 756.000 euros on average during the payback period. The assumption is that grace years will be granted for the financing.

More information about the target

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