FOR SALE A factory specialized in the production of windows, window frames and doors for renovation projects

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business premises, equipment, real estate
Industry Manufacture of wood and wood products
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 30 persons
Adjusted revenue 626 000 EUR
Asking price 990 000 EUR
The asking price includes the property and production buildings at a value of 770.000 euros.
The business manufactures and sells wooden windows and doors. Around 70% of the production consists of products and special solutions for renovation objects. These are not suitable for mass production. The products of the business bear the CE mark.
95% of the production is exported to Finland.
The main customers are construction equipment stores, glazing businesses, construction companies and private builders.
By increasing and optimizing the production it is possible to increase the production significantly in the current premises.
The business owns the 9.5 hectare lot with a production building, a storage building, a sawdust depot and a chip depot.

Asking price justification

The property 770.000 euros. The business has a very good reputation among its customers and a skilled personnel which would be hard to find if someone wanted to establish a similar business. The operation requires a lot of space which the business has on its own property.

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