FOR SALE A premium brand with its own interior design product solutions for sale

Business information

Sale topic For sale
Industry Other manufacturing
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 1 persons part-time 1 persons
Adjusted revenue 50 000 EUR
Asking price + floating assets (stock sale)
An excellent opportunity for a buyer looking for a high-quality brand-based business. For sale: the number one business in its industry with products which have been well-known for decades.
The products which the business produces are long-lived, easily lasting over 50 years, repairable, maintainable and handmade from natural materials. The parts can be recycled even after several years of use.
The business has built a well-known brand in its own industry known for high quality, innovative and stylish products and first class service and an extensive service selection. The product line and the quality are on a premium level and the products are designed and manufactured for quality-conscious customers with purchasing power. The market is global.
Business operations are growing rapidly and therefore the business is seeking a new owner to invest in domestic and international sales and marketing of the products. The profits from the products with good margins make a short payback period of the acquisition possible as the sales volumes increase.
The owners have committed to help a new owner get started and the skilled personnel helps make sure that the transition is successful. The production resources and other factors contributing to the expansion of the business are ready for a new owner. All that is needed is a new sales and marketing-oriented owner who wants to expand.

Asking price justification

Current stock 46.000 euros Goodwill (including the brand) 69.000 euros Equipment and machines 55.000 euros Intangible assets 29.000 euros Accounts receivable and accrued income 15.000 euros Cash 5.000 euros Debt 69.000 euros Accounts payable 30.000 euros Other accruals and deferred income 14.000 euros Debt to the owners 25.000 euros

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