FOR SALE A business which offers a full laundry service and dry cleaning solutions to businesses and private persons

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business premises, real estate
Industry Laundries
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 30 persons
Adjusted revenue 850 000 EUR
Asking price 810 000 EUR
The price includes business operations and the property
A business mainly focuses on offering a full laundry service and dry cleaning solutions to businesses and private persons.
In order to improve the profitability of the business it has optimized the production, increased volumes, adjusted prices of services (by increasing service fees) and cut expenses to achieve lower expenses than the competitors.
The production has been modified to correspond to the strict requirements of the European Union, in order to provide a professional laundry service done right and meeting the demands of the customer. The business utilize am efficient technique which conserves the laundry, and the detergents are textile friendly and have low allergenic levels. The maximum capacity with the existing equipment and working in shifts is 90 tonnes a month.
The production process is divided into to sections:
Laundry service 85% of the revenue
Dry cleaning 15% of the revenue
The business offers its customer a “door to door” laundry service. The business has a total of around 250 business customers.
In order to serve single customers the business receives laundry in large shopping centers.
The business owns a production facility of around 900 m². The equipment is functional, continuously serviced, but the new owner should definitely invest in modern equipment.
Revenue can be increased: the laundry market of neighboring municipalities, bringing new products to market (laundry rentals).

Asking price justification

The property 570.000 euros Business operations 240.000 euros

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